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Since the founding of CAUSSADE SEMENCES in 1958 and Epi de Gascogne in 1976, we have been creating, producing and marketing agro-solutions in the seed industry for France and the international market.

  • 1958: Creation of the Société d’Intérêt Collectif Agricole pour le Séchage et le Conditionnement des Semences (SICA SCS), or ‘Agricultural Collective Interest Company for Seed Drying and Packaging’.
  • 1962: SICA SCS starts its business activity.
  • 1972: Partnership agreement with an American seed company. Development of maize seed sales.
  • 1975: SICA SCS acquires a plant breeder permit for straw cereals.
  • 1984: Introduction of a sunflower and rapeseed breeding programme.
  • 1987: Introduction of a maize breeding programme and end of the partnership with the American seed company.
  • 1989: Creation of Caussade Saaten (Germany).
  • 1994: Caussade Financement purchases all shares held by ELF SANOFI.
  • 2001: Creation of ACTISEM GIE with two other partners for the marketing of straw cereals.
  • 2002: Creation of Caussade Semences Belgium.
  • 2003: Caussade joins GRASS GIE (breeding of fodder legumes and grasses).
  • 2004: Purchase of straw-cereal breeder SOGROUP’s research activities.
  • 2005: Caussade Semences Belgium becomes Caussade Services Bénélux – CSB.
  • 2008: Creation of subsidiary Caussade Semences SRL Romania.
  • 2009: Creation of subsidiary Caussade Semences Italy.
  • 2010: Creation of subsidiaries Caussade Vetomag Kft (Hungary), Caussade Semences Bulgaria, Caussade Semences Serbia and Caussade Nasiona (Poland).
  • 2011: Creation of subsidiaries Caussade Zaden (Netherlands), Caussade Osiva (Czech Republic).
  • 2012: Creation of Caussade Afrique Moyen-Orient for Africa and the Middle East and Caussade Vostok (Ukraine).
  • 2014: Creation of Caussade Semences Russia.
  • 2019: Creation of CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group.
  • 2019: Investment from SOFIPROTEOL and UNIGRAINS.


Throughout its development, CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group has maintained its identity and its roots. As a multi-species breeder, CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group puts its professionalism to work to support agriculture and the agro-industry in the 21st century.

Our high-performance, multi-species agro-solutions are adapted to a diverse range of rotations, soils, and industry sectors to meet the economic and societal expectations of growers and their partners. CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group has expertise in every aspect of the value chain: from breeding, to seed production in the field, to distributing finished products to growers.

CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group is already known for the solutions it provides to downstream sectors (flours and meals, bread-quality wheats, etc.) and the organic industry, thanks to the hardiness and robustness of its germplasm. The group is also well-known in specialised sectors like methanisation and livestock operations for providing varieties adapted to every combination of soil and climate conditions and to the new agro-environmental requirements of the agriculture industry.

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