The essential: Offering the right solution for every user

Every region and every country has its own set of issues. To respond as effectively as possible to market expectations in different countries, CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group relies on a network of European subsidiaries.

Agriculture is not a single monolithic industry. Growers plan differently depending on the soil and climate conditions in their regions, the target applications for their harvests, regulations on inputs in their country, their ability to adopt and master new techniques, their mode of production (organic, conventional, etc.) and their objectives. The ‘product’ response that each grower needs is not standard. It must incorporate high-performance genetics as well as regional expertise, industry expertise, agronomic expertise and expertise in alternative solutions.

To meet all these requirements, CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group anticipates its customers’ needs and expectations by understanding their activities and uses. The group offers targeted approaches that are adapted to each country’s market model.

Now more than ever, CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group offers specific products and agro-solutions aligned with current needs, and innovates to support the agriculture of tomorrow.

The group develops over 60 species, many through its CAUSSADE SEMENCES brand: maize, sunflower, rapeseed, fodder crops, protein crops, sorghum, service plants, and more.

Our ambition for the future? To strengthen our dialogue with users of our solutions in order to better respond to their challenges.

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