Research & Development

The essential: Creating value and giving research the resources it needs to express itself.

The goal of R&D work at CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group is to ensure an ongoing flow of genetic and varietal innovations in compliance with the technical, agronomic, soil and climate, and commercial requirements of the group’s target markets, and with a systematic respect for the upstream environmental dimension of our research programmes.

We achieve this goal by maintaining a broad range of genetic diversity and by aligning our work with market requirements and the targeted geographic regions.

Our main lines of research

  • Improving economic performance,
  • Improving our varieties’ resilience to extreme soil and climate conditions,
  • Improving our varieties’ resistance or tolerance to pests and disease,
  • Improving the technological properties of our varieties (e.g. baking properties, nutritional value, digestibility, oil content, etc.),
  • Developing a systemic approach to breeding and to interactions between varieties and species.

How? Through the quality of our research programmes

By making our research processes even more rigorous and open: database sharing, improved experimental protocols, more systematic use of marker-assisted selection (MAS), SNP genotyping platform, etc.


The Development service at CAUSSADE SEMENCES Group expands our knowledge of the varieties coming from Research by integrating adaptation to soils and target applications through a network of experimentation: Organic farming, biostimulants, resistance to different stresses, optimisation of varietal use guidelines, etc. It also serves as the point of contact to all official institutional organisations in Europe and ensures the technical expertise of the group’s sales teams.

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