The complete range of high-performance maize varieties offered by CAUSSADE SEMENCES provides the perfect response to the technical and economic challenges faced by growers and livestock farmers.

With over 95 maize varieties marketed in France, CAUSSADE SEMENCES has one of the most complete product ranges on the market in the grain, fodder and biogas segments.

Genetic material from CAUSSADE SEMENCES for early flint-dent grain maize is known for its agronomic qualities:

  • good early vigour,
  • tolerance to foliage diseases (helminthosporium) and ear diseases (fusarium ear rot).

Genetic material from CAUSSADE SEMENCES for dent-kernel grain maize shows high performance in optimal conditions and efficient performance in restrictive water conditions, and has a reliable agronomic profile:

  • fast implantation,
  • yield consistency,
  • excellent tolerance to water stress,
  • fast grain dry-down,
  • good ear health.

For fodder maize, we offer high-performance genetic material in very early, early and medium-early varieties that combine agronomic and zootechnical qualities:

  • good early vigour,
  • disease tolerance (corn smut, helminthosporium, fusarium),
  • good vegetation development,
  • high dry-matter yield,
  • good nutritional values: digestibility, starch content,
  • stay-green for a fodder rich in soluble sugars for better conservation and palatability.

For the biogas sector, early and very late varieties from CAUSSADE SEMENCES are characterised by a strong vegetation system, superior dry-matter yield, and high starch content.


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