Product sheet

The essential

Strong yield potential in cold areas
High oil content

Varietal profile

Type: 00 winter rapeseed

Earliness: early

Registration: Hungary

Height: medium to tall (164 cm)

TKW: medium to low (3.8g)

Oil: high (46.12%)


Conseils de culture : 
All soil types and all continental areas

Conseils densité : 
30 à 35 seeds/m²

Expert advice

QUANTIKO CS is an early-flowering and early-maturing variety with medium plant size, and offers early recovery at the end of winter.
QUANTIKO CS is very healthy, with dual phoma resistance.
Its very high yield potential is achieved with a large number of very full siliques and medium TKW.
QUANTIKO CS has good oil content and low glucosinolate content.

Olivier NERAMBOURG - Head of Oilseed Products

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