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The essential

Very good potential yield
Ascochyta Rabiei Tolerance
Quality organo-leptic

Varietal profile


Registered: France 2019

TWK: High 420 g to 440 g

Size: medium to high 7 to 9 mm

Plant height: Medium (40 to 45 cm)

First pod height: medium to high

Grain color: Beige

Flower color: White

Ascochyta Rabiei sensitivity: Tolerant to very tolerant

Flowering: Early (52 days)

Lodging: low sensisitive

Seeding dates: February 15th to March 15th


Plot selection : 

  • Avoid hydromorphic soils: crop sensitive to excess water and root asphyxiation.
  • Avoid acidic and sandy soils.
  • Prefer well exposed and drained soils, of clayey-limestone type, even superficial.

Implementation : 

  • Soils with a pH above 7 facilitate the establishment of nodules.
  • Deep tillage is recommended to facilitate the implantation of nodules.

Seeding : 

  • Sowing with a precision planter is recommended. 
  • Row spacing: 30 to 60 cm
  • Seeding density : 45 to 55 seed/m²

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